Work From Home Packages For Your Employees

Work From Home Packages For Your Employees

2020 forced many companies into adopting a remote work model, which continues to this day. With the third wave of the covid-19 pandemic on its toll, there is a greater possibility that employees will not return to the office anytime soon.

As a business owner or a part of upper-level management, you may be looking for ways to motivate your remote employees to give their best. While scheduling daily meetings and encouraging team members to provide their opinions may be one way to keep the work motivation alive, nothing beats expressing gratitude to your employees through corporate packages. Not only does the employee feel acknowledged, but it also increases their loyalty, boosts their motivation, and allows them to be disciplined/organized and feel more comfortable during this temporary period of working from home.

However, it is no secret that finding the perfect gift is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, and even more so when it comes to gifting unfamiliar people. That’s why we have decided to help you cope with this challenging task.

This blog post features the top three most valuable packages for your remote employees that they will appreciate.

1. Phone Holder Charger

With the social distancing rules in place, people are more than ever connected through online platforms. Using a phone holder, your employees do not need to hold their phones during online business meetings and video calls with their families and loved ones. 

Moreover, this little gem also saves your employees the hassle of finding a charger by providing a holder with a charger. This gadget makes video calls so much more comfortable for your employees, allowing them to quickly adapt to new means of communication during their working day!

2. Personalized Notebook

Buying a notebook for your employees may seem old-fashioned, but they will surely appreciate this traditional gift. When technology, phone calls, and online meetings seem overwhelming, it feels good to take notes and write (or even do doodles).

Notebooks come in different sizes and styles: A3, A4, A5, and A6. You can further customize the notebook by designing your company’s logo on the front cover and a personalized message on the back cover. Dot Graphics Inc. are experts in printing and designing premium quality products at affordable rates.

3. Customized Cup

Coffee (or tea) cups will always be used. Gifting a cup that matches their home office can make the remote employees feel like they’re back at their professional office. At Dot Graphics Inc., we can print whatever you want on this cup, whether it is your company logo, an expression, or a motivational phrase. There is no limit to our printing capabilities and your ideas for personalizing your corporate cups!

All in all, working from home requires motivation, discipline, and a structure, which can be difficult to attain. As an employer, you can choose any of the products mentioned above to make your team feel appreciated, comfortable, happy, and confident when working from home.

For professional printing and designing in Scottsdale, AZ, don’t forget to contact Dot Graphics Inc. We offer top-of-the-line print and design solutions using high-quality dyes and colors. You can also use our promotional products catalog to gift valuable items to your remote employees. Get your free quote today!