Why Attention To Content Quality In Direct Marketing Is Crucial

Why Attention To Content Quality In Direct Marketing Is Crucial

Direct mail revolutionized the extent to which products, messages, and information are relayed to multitudes of prospects, leads, customers & even previous customers around the globe. But to this day, even direct mail marketing suffers from content & design mistakes that can deter or put off potential prospects from investing their time to know more about the product or service.

In this blog post, we will cover a few pointers on things to consider regarding marketing & content to form a synergy for lead conversion.

Direct Marketing Is Way Better Than Social Marketing

Direct marketing is a powerful tool for securing myriads of prospects and maintaining a productive connection with them on a personal level. The strategy can include print media, face-to-face, emailing, and catalogs. Agreed that social media has a tendency to go viral on content, but that’s just it. Viral content dies out and generates fewer leads than utilizing social media to generate leads for conversion via direct marketing methods. An e-market 2016 study provided strong values for digital tactics to acquire customers where direct marketing stood at a high 81% with an 80% in retention compared to social media’s 51% to 44% retention.

The success of direct marketing can be attributed to the fact that content across all direct platforms & mediums is personalized from an extensive list of customer profiling based on their consumer behavior.

Benefits Of Print Quality & Content:

Pamphlets & print media that sound too passive, erroneous, and bot-like will definitely go into the trash or pile up in the ‘unread’ list. Quality content is to media like scent is to an exotic flower, and likewise, customers are the bee. If you have a team churning out impassive & impersonal content, then WOM will be quick to discredit any marketing directives from your business to prospects. Even in direct emails, CTA tactics will dull out if the content is not engaging enough.

Print content needs to be active, created to target various strata in consumer demographics, and depending on the nature of the business, a particular language can be applied to better identify with prospects. An insurance company will employ layman terminology within formal parameters, while a hip restaurant would paint a sensual fine dining image in your head.

Merging Both Guarantees Your Prospects Become Customers!

When you combine authentic profiling with personalized content and ship it to a prospect’s mailbox, you are bound to make someone smile out there and call to action, and this is how you win the trust of customers. Excellent quality direct marketing is not just about crafting the right message and riding it on the appropriate social media wave; it’s about positioning your USP in the most unintrusive, reliable, and personalized manner possible that conversion to a paying client is a given.

And as long as your business has a strong customer relationship strategy to handle such an influx of converts, the hype around your brand will never die out.

Image sharpness, color scheme, paper quality, even the font is essential to supplement the strength of the marketed message to the masses. At Dot Graphics, we maintain an authentic balance between formal, fun, and friendly with our quality print, design, and marketing services to effectively catch converts.

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