Top Tips For Developing Fantastic Promotional Printed Products

Top Tips For Developing Fantastic Promotional Printed Products

Promotional materials have proven to be an effective way for businesses to attract customers and stand out from their competition. You can integrate promotional products in your marketing plan to increase your brand awareness and sales. However, this is only possible if your print materials actually ‘WOW’ anyone who lays eyes on them. To capture people’s attention, you need fantastic promotional printed products that are a step ahead of your competitors. Below are some tips on how you can develop matchless promotional products.

Accentuating Cuts

Do not limit the designs of your promotional materials to squares and rectangles. Getting your promotional materials shaped like your logo or some other brand element is a good idea.

If you are getting brochures or folders made, consider adding multiple curves, creating custom-shaped windows, or changing the pocket size. Unique design elements can arouse people’s curiosity and encourage them to look inside. Through die cuts, you can accentuate essential design elements like the logo.

Adding Texture

Embossing different elements or phrases can emphasize their importance to attract attention to the product. You can even emboss different patterns or areas of your design to add a textural effect. You can emboss the border of your die-cut product for that extra bit of pizzazz. You can also combine embossing with other imprint methods to elevate your design.

Integrating Impactful Images

Do not add generic stock images to your promotional materials. Simple images will fail to leave their mark on your audience. Only by adding touching, impactful, or authentic imagery will you draw attention, stir emotions, and help identify uses for your product or service so you can achieve the desired results. The key is avoiding basic, generic stock images. Images that showcase the uses, manufacture, or other relevant acts can attract people to your brand.

Putting on a Coat

Adding a stock coating on your promotional print materials can provide extra protection and make the design more eye-catching. The texture and shine provided by the coat can make our promotional products visually scintillating. Coatings can be matte or gloss and can make your products look more luxurious, sophisticated, and of the highest-quality materials, which will translate into greater returns. Other examples of print material coatings are a spot-UV coating that makes specific colors pop and creates a specific element on the stock or a soft-touch coating that provides a smooth, suede-like feel to offer a tactile experience, which will make your design more memorable.

Adding Depth

A unique and mind-boggling idea to boost the aesthetics of your design are by adding tangible depth. Employ 3D design to add depth to a specific element, whether it is graphics or fonts. For further complexity and awe-inspiring designs, mix 3D and 2D designs.

These were just a few suggestions for you to take your promotional products to the next level, but of course, there are many other ways you can develop products to attract your customers.

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