Sleepy Readers? You Might Have An ‘Engaging Content’ Issue On Your Hands!

Sleepy Readers? You Might Have An ‘Engaging Content’ Issue On Your Hands!

For print media to reach a vast audience, the creators often forget a crucial detail amid the bevy of colors, graphics, & advertising spaces. That is good content!

Spending so much time on mail, magazines, & reports only to realize that the declining readership could have been easily avoided if consideration went into the quality of the content rather than the print; is quite a bitter truth to swallow.

As your trusted printing consultants in Schaumburg, Dot Graphics has some tips on keeping your content, no matter how short, engaging. Let us indulge you in a few dos & don’ts on the subject.

The Dos

Keep Your Content Interesting

Be it direct mail or the selling proposition on merchandise, it needs to be catchy and evoke positivity & awareness. Don’t use cliches or unverifiable facts or figures, and certainly do not forget which audience you target.

Focus On the Readers

If you are designing print material for a particular demographic, you need to get out there and study what your target wants. Develop your brand persona based on your targeted audience and then move ahead with the marketing part. And most definitely avoid presuming your target demographic.

Be Concise & Authentic

People dread opening direct mail or realtor products because their gut tells them it will just be the same old regurgitation of material from the 70s. While that is certainly not the case at Dot Graphics, but we are telling you this happens. Advertise to the point and no more, but ensure your material is original across all your print products.

The Don’ts

Turn Content into a Telemart

Use thought-provoking and in-depth material for even the most petite content length. Don’t try to push your offerings upon the reader by including an insane number of call-to-action prompts. Converse with your reader; don’t become a pushy car salesman.

Copying the Opposition

Competition is only healthy if it leads to constructive content and quality material. But if you are just going to rip off what ten others are doing with the marketing media strategy, do yourself a favor and switch careers.

Talking About Yourself

It’s not wise to address oneself in content that is to be read by many diverse people. Talk about industry trends, relate them to people’s interests. Create content that brings people to invest in your business, even just a birthday card or a holiday poster. Make your business about the readers.

Next time you decide on hiring printing & marketing consultants, keep the above advice in mind and then propose your requirements.

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