6 Rebranding Tips That Are Central To Successful Product Marketing

6 Rebranding Tips That Are Central To Successful Product Marketing

A brand image is the first thing new customers interact with through product marketing, then the product itself, so the logo & overall product look has to be on point for the right customer. The brand’s allure carries your customers with you for life, so the brand has to be the sort that evolves with time and evokes nostalgia with a progressive direction.

Images change to keep up with the times, and brands stagnate, hence the need for rebranding. The tactic is common contemporarily, but you need to be careful that your loyal customers are happy with the change in the image, or it’s all for nothing.

At Dot Graphics, we assist in brand design, marketing, & promotion of print media & product packaging to make your company’s message stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here are our tips on rebranding your product for a relaunch.

1. Research, Refocus, Review!

Analyze your brand, especially about artisanal or niche luxury family-run businesses, and gather market data on what your consumers desire in your product or the look of the logo & imagery. Land O Lakes kept the butter but removed the native American woman from their logo to not offend their woke consumers. This resonated positively in many consumer groups.

2. Walk Among the Masses

Focus groups are ideal for understanding how your old logo and proposed logo or product packaging was perceived as. Surveys and interviews help as well to define the psychology behind the rebranding. Consulting brand teams like ours is not sufficient; you need to carry out your street search and find meaning in what your consumers desire for your brand to look like. Lord & Taylor hit it off well with rebranding their logo from the cursive design they used before because they listened to their consumers!

3. Understand Trends

Juicy Couture faded away miserably because their brand was haphazard. It started as casual wear for pregnant women and expanded to a line of overhyped tracksuits for the uber-rich; it crashed during the 2008 recession’s minimalist movement. We know how to re-design your brands to adapt to trends favorable to the launch of your product lines.

4. Think ‘Iconic’

Four rings? Audi. Red hat? Pizza Hut. An M? McDonald’s.

Design for simplicity, timelessness, and instant recall for consumers. Family-run businesses often have complicated logos that need a bit of retouching to open exposure & appeal to visitors to their establishment & products.

5. Commit Yourselves

Rebranding is not about slapping a new package on an old product and calling it reinvention; it’s about committing your business to the image portrayed by the brand. Makeup companies rebranded their entire PR and corporate responsibility to stand against child labor for mica mining in India. Need a marketing strategy to match? We have it!

6. Future Direction

Starbucks has rebranded its logo far too many times, but they always stuck with the image of a two-tail mermaid. It’s a good direction their image has taken, unlike the stunt pulled by Dunkin’ to drop the Donuts, which makes it just too vague. Be subtle, don’t rebrand in a way that you lose all connection with your existing consumer base.

If your niche business requires a ‘pick me up’ vibe in branding, Dot Graphics is your one-stop solution to rebrand, launch, & market your twist in innovation to a broader consumer segment. You can always rely on our cornucopia of marketing services in Phoenix, AZ.

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