5 Print Products To Heat Up Your Summer Marketing

5 Print Products To Heat Up Your Summer Marketing

Just like everything else, marketing has also become digital to a great extent. Consumers are more reachable through their smartphones; therefore, marketers are also putting in their energies to create digital marketing materials. Does this mean the days of print marketing are behind us? Not really!

Print is still a powerful medium to connect with your prospective audience. There are several reasons for investing in print marketing products. Print is tangible and has a long shelf life. When something sits in front of you or passes through your hands frequently, it sits in your subconscious and influences the decisions you make.

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In this post, we want to highlight five print products that are still a part of the marketing mix.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most important forms of marketing material, and nothing can take their place. Business cards are the first piece of information presented to prospects or customers; hence, they perform the tough job of breaking the ice.

Your business card holds the most valuable real estate in marketing; a strategically designed business card can successfully deliver all of your necessary introductory information to the prospect.


Brochures are a staple of printed marketing collateral. When you hand an attractive brochure to someone, they are bound to at least glance over it. Even if they toss it aside after looking at it, it will still be around in the office or the car. The sticking power of a beautifully designed brochure makes it a valuable marketing tool.


Despite the universal acceptance of websites as the go-to platform for all business information, product catalogs still carry a lot of weight. When it comes to clothing, jewelry, and other high-ticket items, the allure of a product catalog consisting of enticing colored photographs shimmering on glossy paper is enough to grab anybody’s attention for a while. The coffee table catalogs have a very productive, long shelf life because they become part of a leisurely activity, where they grab the reader’s undivided attention.

Presentation Folders

Most sales, especially expensive items, conclude after a few meetings between the seller and the buyer. During these meetings, various kinds of information material is exchanged, and it often becomes difficult to keep track of it. Presentation folders address this essential need by keeping all of the necessary information, such as product data sheets, brochures, business cards, etc., in one place. Presentation folders are valuable because they stick around for a while.

Letterheads & Envelopes

While the bulk of business communication has moved to digital format, there is still plenty of paper-based communication between businesses. A letterhead is the centerpiece of non-digital business communication, which makes it a robust form of marketing material. A well-designed letterhead can effectively convey important marketing information.

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