4 Important Graphic Design Trends You Should Be Following

4 Important Graphic Design Trends You Should Be Following

Design and marketing go hand in hand; a great design truly elevates a banner and sets it apart from other posters. This is why many marketing professionals emphasize a product’s design and pay top dollar to expert designers who create magic.

Changing consumer interests dictate a change in design trends, and with the changing times, many graphic design trends have made their way into the professional world. This blog post will explore how some popular design trends can contribute positively to your marketing strategy. Contact Dot Graphics Inc, in Chandler, AZ, for your next branding project.


Retro designs reminisce and celebrate the bygone era. This trend is becoming hugely popular, and you can find it almost everywhere; from expressive logos to minimalist designs with a varied color gradient, retro designs are all around you. Retro graphics appeal strongly to human emotions because they are often associated with happier times and good memories. Some companies who want their brand’s image to be associated with nostalgia or warmth will use retro style fonts for title text and emphasize vintage images on websites or social media posts.


Many brands incorporate surrealist imagery into their design to create a unique and memorable look. This type of imagery is often used in the fashion industry, where designers want to stand out from other brands using minimalism. Surrealist images can be seen on clothing lines like Gucci’s “Dreamer” collection or Dior’s advertisements with models who have butterfly wings attached to them.

Authentic Representation

With many freedom movements globally, modern design trends and promotional imagery encapsulate the movement’s vision by creating stirring designs symbolizing revolution. For modern marketers, empowering and diverse design is a great tool to promote inclusivity and authentic representation of their audience’s beliefs.

Many modern brands use excellent authentic design themes to call out racism and other evils prevailing in society today.

Pop Art 

Pop art is another great way for designers to break away from the minimalism trend that is in place. This style has been popular for decades. It continues to be a relevant form even today because it can communicate messages like consumerism, political statements, or simply cool graphic designs.

Modern graphic designers bring grainy colors back using heavy inking and vintage comics to design a great design. Some brands are also adding illustrative comics to their design to breathe life into their promotional activities. By choosing a design trend based on pop art, you can explore various image types and skewed shapes to create a sense of motion and drama.

With the changing times, brands realize the significance of attractively branding their products and promoting them accordingly. At Dot Graphics Inc, we design promotional products for companies in Chandler, AZ, using the latest trends. Our design teams use state-of-the-art software and design tools to ensure that your brand gets the promotional design it deserves.

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