4 Horrible Marketing Fails Immortalized In History

4 Horrible Marketing Fails Immortalized In History

There is a wide gap between the perceived ideas in a marketing pitch and the real world. However, marketing strategies are bound to flatline if not adjusted to current consumer trends.

Marketing campaigns connect with the target audience and convey the brand’s competency in delivering a product or service. When that vision is lost chasing random viral trends, even the most prominent brands take a hit.

Dot Graphics wants to share some lesson-worthy marketing fails that remind us how important a good marketing consultant can be to keep your campaigns grounded in reality.

1. Dove Down

The ‘accessible beauty’ product giant has always advocated every woman’s right to celebrate natural beauty. The once-successful marketing strategy backfired when they tried body positivity by shipping limited edition soap bottles to mimic a diverse range of women’s body types. The women were supposed to celebrate their bodies by picking the bottle that suited their body type. Rather than the celebration effect, it only caused negative body consciousness.

2. Sony’s Racist Sprint

This happened in 2006 when Sony came out with their PSP Portable in white. The billboard displayed an aggressive fair-skinned Caucasian woman grabbing a submissive woman of color, with the tagline “PlayStation Portable. White Is Coming.”

In a bid to catch the headlines with their new product, the marketing team at Sony indeed forgot the message that was globally perceived as racist. Talk about the obvious!

3. Audi Does An ‘Oops!’

When talking about luxury & class in automobiles, Audi definitely makes it to the list. However, an Audi ad aired in China meant to portray how important it is to check a car before purchasing it, made a huge blunder. The advert ended up showing a weird mother-in-law accosting the bride at the wedding, like a horse in a marketplace, and finally giving the ‘all-clear’ to her son. The ad left nothing to the imagination of just how objectifying it was towards women.

4. Starbucks’ Tall Blonde

The global coffee giant came up with something called a Blonde Expresso. It was a lighter flavored variant of the traditionally strong-flavored beverage. The campaign came out essentially unremarkable. And it did not sound okay ordering a ‘Venti Blonde’ unless you want to really offend some people.

A picture speaks a thousand words, but these adverts have entire manifestos to tell.

The Lessons Learnt

  • When designing a marketing campaign, no matter what scale, ensure it is peer-reviewed on all levels to get the max perceptions covered.
  • Don’t be tone-deaf to your consumers. Your conference room is the fantasy, and the world out there is real with consequences. Take leverage of the connection with your consumers for brand awareness, but make sure they don’t misinterpret your marketing reference context.
  • When creating a marketing campaign that calls for-user generated content, be ready to face QA-ing the worst, but do QA it nonetheless.

And that is how you avoid coming down as a disaster in marketing history.

These are examples from globally aware brands, but we learn that even they can make massive mistakes. Suppose you desire a capable team to spearhead your marketing campaign in your locality and want to aim big ahead. In that case, Dot Graphics is your talented media printing agency & consultant in Phoenix, AZ.

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