3 Steps To The Perfect Logo Design Brief

3 Steps To The Perfect Logo Design Brief

Want to put logo designers on the right track? You need a well-written, well-explained design brief. Before we begin, it is crucial to understand some primary design language that will aid you in conveying your message. Dot Graphics Inc., in ChandlerAZ, shares its expert advice with these 3 Steps to the Perfect Logo Design Brief

Step 1 – Providing Your Business Info

Everybody wants to jump right in with visual details, but you need to provide context first. Introduce your brand to the designer in the brief. This includes your product, target audience, and an overall description of your industry. This bit should adequately explain your business and who you are as a competitor in the industry. 

Next, educate the designer about your brand values – these are what they will use to determine most of the visual elements of your logo. If you are, say, a clothing store for trendy teens, your brand values will lie somewhere around the lines of youthfulplayful, etc. The designer will use colors, fonts, and other visual elements to translate these values into your logo. 

Step 2 – Tell Them What Kind of Logo You Want

Are you looking for something catchy? Or abstract? There are seven types of logos. Suppose you wholeheartedly want to convey your message. In that case, you will have to study these seven types and pick the one you believe has the potential to do so. You can put in some samples, too, from other brands – possibly, your competition. This helps designers understand what you are up against and create a logo that helps you with that.

Be sure to put your ideas for design style, colors, and fonts. Even when you are not a designer, your opinion is still valuable. Designers interpret value from what their clients tell them. 

Step 3 – Timing and Budget Expectations

Logo designing is a process; sometimes, it is slow, while it happens relatively faster in other instances. When you meet the designer to discuss your brief, make sure the project’s timeline is mentioned and agreed upon. They will try to negotiate the deadline to have the time they believe they will need. But it would help if you were assertive with your requirement. 

As for the budget, well, tread carefully. Premium-quality services come at a premium. If a designer asks for low or you’re not satisfied with some of their previous work, it is improbable that the work they will do for you will be better.

Keeping this in mind, choose your designer carefully.

Or, let Dot Graphics Inc. do it for you. We are a team of dedicated industry vets in ChandlerAZ, and would be more than happy to design your logo. To get started, we offer you a free quoteTalk to us, and let’s set out on an exciting journey together!